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5 Reasons Why B2B CMOs Still Struggle

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

As marketing technology keeps evolving, CMO turnover at B2B companies keeps climbing. Here are some reasons why…

1. Most B2B Content is not mapped to the company’s market strategy

That’s why prospects are consuming your company’s content, but ensuing sales conversations stall out or fall flat. Buyers don’t show up to the sales call clear on what the company offers and how it’s better than other vendors. Sales people spend more time clearing up confusion rather than listening to customers’ problems.

2. Complexity keeps climbing

Today there is tighter and tighter focus on markets, submarkets, verticals and niches. And different buyer personas and influencers within each of these areas. Marketing has gotten complex. Meaning marketing teams need to know how to engage each slice of the marketplace correctly, to set up the marketing funnel and sales cycles that ensue for months down the road. That’s a lot of complexity and pressure to heap onto a team.

Systems thinking eases this complexity.

3. The digital tsunami of technologies and data creates ceaseless activity

There are now more than 7,000 ‘martech’ software apps and platforms to choose from. Seven. Thousand. All throwing off metrics and data for marketing teams to organize, make sense of, discuss, and make decisions on. Marketing teams are abuzz with all kinds of activity… but how much of the decision making that comes from this data drives value and results to the bottom line?

4. Activity is trumping clarity

Content is often produced by disparate teams inside and outside of marketing departments. This activity has overtaken clarity of messaging, always to the disadvantage of the customer and the company alike. This confusion of messaging always show up downstream, leaving marketers to try and optimize conversion points in the funnel, without questioning whether the content and messaging that brought people there is optimized for clarity and understanding.

5. A large part of a CMO’s marketing operations are inherited

The short tenure of today’s B2B CMO means that many marketing leaders inherit a large portion of their marketing operations from a previous CMO or VP. This can cause all manner of problems as incumbent CMOs try to examine what should and shouldn’t be dismantled, and when. Leaders who aren’t familiar with systems thinking may especially struggle with this.

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