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8 Signs That You Need a ‘Systems’ Approach to Content Creation

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

If any of these conditions exist, chances are the content you produce is being met with confusion or complacency in the marketplace. Which of these eight warning signs are you seeing in your organization?

1. Executive input is hard to get

The number one excuse for not involving executives is time. Systems thinkers find ways to collect executive input regularly, and minimize time requirements.

2. Salespeople aren’t interviewed

Salespeople should have an easy and regular way to funnel input and feedback into marketing.

3. Content is created disparately

When content is not part of a larger strategy or plan, it falls flat. Plus, it's hard to measure which content is working (or not) and why.

4. Branding projects are expensive and time-consuming.

It seems almost every B2B marketing leader has had a bad experience with a branding project. Usually, costly, drawn-out projects that drain company time and energy is the result. Brand messaging should be naturally built into your content creation process.

5. Two words: Google Docs

Marketers need to guard against over-collaboration that delays content production, waters down messaging, and usually ends in content being published out of sheer fatigue.

6. Aversion to advertise

Good content systems have room to accommodate on-target brand messages. Being afraid to advertise your value drives your prospects into the arms of your competitors.

7. Disparate, disconnected brand watchers

A systems approach to content creation makes brand compliance an inherent part of the process, rather than a later-stage checkpoint that causes delay and rework.

8. Personal taste

Individual tastes and preferences can thwart otherwise solid campaign ideas. Personal opinion and preferences should be checked at the door.

Go From Symptoms to Systems

Each of these warning signs are symptoms that can point to systemic problems within your marketing operation. The good news is that the right system for producing content can make these symptoms disappear for good.

As a B2B agency, Mowry & Savage delivers content for lead generation and nurturing to help CMOs drive growth. But we do it using an approach that’s grounded in systems thinking.

If you’re interested in learning more, book a 30-minute call with Pete Savage, Client Services Director at Mowry & Savage. On this no-obligation call, we’ll talk about your biggest obstacles to growth as you see them, and we’ll introduce you to our content system for bankable growth.