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Should Every B2B CMO Be Investing in their Brand?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

There is much to be said for it. It virtually eliminates internal anxiety. It brings ease and clarity into conversations with busy prospects. And it’s the North Star for your company that others will still be looking to — even after you leave.

B2B companies are turning their attention to branding. A trend many predicted after the explosion and complexity of digital marketing began to pull strategically-minded CMOs down into myopic conversations about tactics, technologies and channels, leaving very little mind space to focus on:

  • the customer’s experience with the brand,

  • ensuring the brand is clearly understood inside the company, and

  • consistently communicating the brand to the market.

Are You Leading People to Care About Your Brand?

Some B2B companies have even begun importing marketing leaders from consumer goods industries in order to give their brand meaning. These CMOs care deeply about brand, and their organizations do too. They know that in a marketplace of increasing confusion and endless choice, it’s the brand, and how it emotionally connects with buyers, that has the biggest chance of standing out in the minds of customers.

Everything about sales and marketing gets easier when that’s the case.

A Brand-Building Story is a Career-Building Story You Can Tell Forever

In contrast, few B2B CMOs leave a company with a good brand-building story under their belt.

But how fulfilling, to be able to say you left a company with a much stronger brand than was there when you arrived. That you eliminated the anxiety, the babbling, the confusion, from thousands of sales conversations every time a person in your company was asked, “So tell me what do you guys do?”

Delivering quantitative results is vitally important, but the problem is that they get reset, and raised, every time you deliver them. The brand you build can last forever. It follows the CMO from company to company. A story you can tell to set the scene for how you achieved what you did. That you built the brand even though no one in your company was telling you to do so.

Half-an-Hour of Quiet Thinking Can Be Your Best Brand Investment

The first step to building a B2B brand is the hardest. It requires a CMO to do the most difficult thing of all… turn his or her attention away from the business of everyday business long enough to sit quietly and think…

But, in as little as thirty minutes you can ponder important questions about your brand. Such as…

  • What are the knowns and unknowns in your company about your brand?

  • Is it clearly and completely defined?

  • Do customers understand it?

  • Do your marketing people fully understand it?

  • Salespeople?

  • Fellow executives?

  • Other employees?

And the toughest question of all — where are you seeing the evidence that proves this ‘brand understanding’ to your satisfaction?

Then comes the second most difficult thing, which is to not to let those golden moments you spent thinking about your brand go to waste, but instead to decide to do something about it.

Take a Systems Approach to Clarifying and Communicating Your Brand

We take a systems approach to branding for B2B companies (and we don’t even charge for it) because it’s part of a larger endeavor that identifies and solves key problems impacting your growth.

Book a 30-minute call with Pete Savage, Client Services Director at Mowry & Savage and learn how we approach branding for our B2B clients… not as a high-cost, standalone project which leaves you with questionable value, but as part of our overall content system for bankable growth.