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Why B2B CMOs Need to Put their Mark on Content (Now)

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

B2B companies benefit greatly when content becomes the CMO’s top concern for a brief, purposeful spell. A quick look at the facts reveals why this is a profitable idea…

1. Content is an expression of strategy

CMOs are the drivers of brand and market strategy, and content is the expression of that strategy. What sense could it make for a CMO to be intimate with the strategy but remain at arm’s length with its expression?

2. Most B2B content leaves gaps in understanding among prospects

One of the biggest complaints from sales people is that when prospects reach out, they aren’t well prepared for the ensuing sales conversations. Sales people have to spend too much time explaining their way around confusion about the company — rather than listening to the customer express their business needs and problems.

3. Marketing teams value what the leader values

Do you have people on your team looking deeply at content and its relationship to your brand, and how it’s tied to growth? Or is the focus more on technology and metrics? The next question to ask is, who on the team is setting the tone for this focus?

4. Complexity, when left unaddressed, always ends badly

Content strategy, creation, distribution, and measurement have all become increasingly complex. A sensitive CMO will recognize this complexity and jump in to provide clarity and direction for their team, by using systems thinking to remove complexity and simplify decision-making within their department.

5. Most B2B companies are way too tolerant of internal brand confusion

Is there internal confusion around your brand? Instead of answering on your own, take the bold step of asking some people inside marketing and sales for their take on your company’s brand purpose. Take it a step further, and ask them to describe your company’s current market opportunity.

If you’re not satisfied with the answers, you know you’ll need to pull content inside your wheel house for some maintenance and repair. Why? Because internal brand confusion always finds its way into content, the marketing funnel and the sales pipeline.

Take a Systems Approach to Creating Clear and Consistent Content

Clear and consistent content that maps to your brand and growth strategy takes confusion and delay out of your sales conversations.

It implies organization, commitment, and capability. It communicates a company and a culture that knows itself about and, by extension, what it’s doing for its customers. It prepares prospects and paves the way for smooth conversations when they reach out and talk to sales.

And the evidence that “Customers get us!” sends a satisfying ripple of relief throughout your organization.

You can achieve all that with a systems approach to developing content.

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